How fast does my son or daughter need to be to join the Harriers?

The Harriers take runners of all abilities and coach them for consistent improvement during the season and throughout the year. We want kids who love running and want to get better.

Does my child need to go to all of the practices and meets?

Yes, as many as possible! Cross country and track are not the types of sports that you can do well in without practice. If your child wants to do other activities and running is just an after-thought, then this is not the team for you!

If your athlete does not come to the practices, or consistently misses practice, he or she will not improve with their running and will be highly discouraged during practices and races. We usually use the comparison of our running team to club soccer. Being involved with our club practices and meets is expected. It would be counterproductive to sign up for a soccer team and miss practices and games, just as it would be to sign up to be a part of the Harriers and miss practices and meets.

Can my child do just cross country or just track, without doing both?

We don’t recommend it. The Harriers train year-round for optimum results.

How much does it cost?

The Club director sets the fees for the season at least a month before the season begins, depending on the races that we have added to the calendar for the team to run in. We are one of the least expensive sports to participate in. Running is much cheaper than Soccer, Lacrosse, Dance, Football, Baseball, Gymnastics, and almost every sport. The fees for fall 2022 and spring 2023 were each $225.

The Club fees go towards AAU cost of membership, the cost of running the club, race fees, and of course your child’s uniform is included. Fees are collected twice a year.

Parents are also expected to purchase proper running shoes. The coaches are very happy to direct you on that matter and save you money in the process.

Where do you practice?

The Club practices in the North Tampa/Lutz/Citrus Park area which is convenient for runners there and a very short drive from places like Land O’ Lakes, Westchase, Carrollwood, Northdale, etc.

Do you have to live in Hillsborough County?

No. The Hillsborough Harriers name is just for alliteration. A lot of our runners and even coaches are from Pasco County.

My child is not in 3rd grade yet, but loves to run. Do you make exceptions for younger runners?

Our younger runners (K-2) are usually siblings of older kids already on the team. We have been known to make exceptions for younger kids who show the maturity level and attention span necessary for distance running. If your child is younger than the recommended age, it is imperative that the parent keeps a close watch at the practices. Our Saturday long runs on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail require crossing roads and staying out of the way of fast-moving cyclists, so a parent absolutely must run with (or bike next to) their young child at these practices.