Miles with Mickey

The Hillsborough Harriers participated in the Disney Cross Country Classic at the ESPN Wide World of Sports on Friday, October 6th.  The girls were 10th out of 27 teams and the boys were 4th out of 28 teams.


Boys 3000m
Place / Name / Time
9 Jacob 11:01.2
26 Chase 11:43.2
39 Carson 11:49.5
51 Zachary 12:04.0
52 Karsyn 12:04.7
58 Cody 12:10.4
69 Brennan 12:26.6
70 Arun 12:29.1
78 Kameron 12:37.2
80 Tyler 12:39.2
126 Rahul 13:24.3
129 Cooper 13:27.9

Girls 3000m
Place / Name / Time
18 Anna 12:36.6
55 Rona 13:26.0
88 Rebekah 14:12.2
108 Ryann 14:36.5
126 Peyton 15:16.3
138 Allison 15:38.6 Invitational 18

Five Hillsborough Harriers qualified for the State Championship at the Invitational 18 on Saturday, September 30th in Lakeland.  The boys’ team won 3rd place out of 26 teams and the girls’ team won 6th out of 24 teams.

Boys’ Results:
4 Jacob Braun 10:45.93 SQ
21 Daniel Casey 11:31.12 SQ
25 Carson Caplinger 11:48.36 SQ
34 Zachary Glover 12:03.42
43 Oscar Brown 12:13.08
49 Cody Smith 12:24.83
50 Tyler Summers 12:25.68
51 Arun Senthilkumaran 12:27.49
53 Brock Glover 12:29.54
57 Karsyn Darst 12:34.35
59 Brennan Fargher 12:35.80
66 Chase Thurber 12:44.18
83 Kameron Bass 13:11.04
94 Cooper Chesser 13:23.51
105 Rahul Karpur 13:34.87
116 Ricardo Gonzalez 13:56.09
132 Liam Maloney 14:08.22
190 Michael Garcia 15:41.97

Girls’ Results:

13 Anna Breede 12:38.66 SQ
21 Eliana Black 12:54.13 SQ
29 Rona Marzban 13:14.34
63 Rebekah Miller 14:26.23
68 Meaghan Ballard 14:33.10
69 Ryann McLeod 14:33.63
90 Alli Laffler 15:29.16
186 McKinley Cassels 19:31.29

The Harriers will be competing in the Disney Cross Country Classic on Friday at the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  Go Harriers!


1st Place at Lecanto


The Hillsborough Harriers Boys Team dominated over six other middle school teams for the 1st place title at the Lecanto Invitational on Saturday, September 2, 2017.  Their top five scores were all in the top ten individually, with 4th-7th and 10th place awarded to Harriers.

3000m Boys Results:

4 Daniel Casey 11:23.38 
5 Carson Caplinger 11:44.66 
6 Brennan Fargher 12:00.79 
7 Zachary Glover 12:01.17 
10 Arun Senthilkumaran 12:04.67 
11 Cody Smith 12:18.83 
12 Chase Thurber 12:19.17 
13 Brock Glover 12:23.14 
14 Karsyn Darst 12:42.90 
15 Kameron Bass 12:52.71 
16 Tyler Summers 12:57.73 
21 Ricardo Gonzalez 13:17.99 
23 Rahul Karpur 13:32.45 
24 Cooper Chesser 13:33.84 
35 Michael Garcia 15:04.19 
40 Nicholas Andonov 15:14.66 
50 Gabriel Santos 18:08.95


The Girls Team came in 2nd behind Citrus Park Christian School.  Four of the top 5 scorers for CPCS are also Hillsborough Harriers, so the scores could have easily been flipped if those members were representing their club team instead of their school team.

3000m Girls Results:

6 Anna Breede 12:46.23 
7 Rona Marzban 13:03.76 
12 Eliana Black 13:48.83 
14 Meaghan Ballard 14:13.49 
15 Rebekah Miller 14:14.94 
17 Ryann McLeod 14:31.97 
32 Reyne Szabla 17:55.00 
34 Arylyn Brunton 18:31.84

The next meet for the Harriers will be postponed to September 16th due to Hurricane Irma.  They will be competing at the Florida Horse Park Invitational in Ocala.  See you then!

2017 XC Season Begins at Jim Ryun Invitational


The Hillsborough Harriers finished strong at the first meet of the season on Saturday, August 26, 2017.  The Jim Ryun Invitational at Holloway Park in Lakeland, Florida was well-attended with over 25 middle school teams present. The boys team won 2nd overall and the girls team was 5th overall.


Olympic silver medalist, Jim Ryun, presented the awards.

Boys 3000m Results:
7 Jacob Braun 11:25.50 
10 Daniel Casey 11:38.20 
22 Zachary Glover 12:07.00 
25 Brennan Fargher 12:09.40 
28 Carson Caplinger 12:14.50
38 Oscar Brown 12:32.10 
39 Arun Senthilkumaran 12:32.20 
45 Liam Maloney 12:45.50 
47 Brock Glover 12:49.20 
52 Tyler Summers 13:00.70  
-- Karsyn Darst 13:03
63 Cody Smith 13:18.20 
64 Ricardo Gonzalez 13:21.10  
68 Rahul Karpur 13:25.40 
69 Kameron Bass 13:26.90  
73 Cooper Chesser 13:33.80 
93 Chase Thurber 14:11.10 
168 Nicholas Andonov 16:28.00


Girls 3000m Results:
8 Anna Breede 13:02.10 
19 Rona Marzban 13:40.90 
25 Eliana Black 13:51.60 
40 Micah Friedman 14:25.70 
64 Alli Laffler 15:18.90 
65 Meaghan Ballard 15:22.40 
83 Reyne Szabla 16:07.50 
133 Peyton Aydelotte 17:56.30 
142 Rebekah Miller 18:27.20 
149 McKinley Cassels 19:39.20

Twofold Triumph in Gasparilla Distance Classic for Ellie Pleune

Every year, Tampa’s premier distance running event, the Gasparilla Distance Classic, falls on a February weekend.  For competitive middle school runners, it is after cross country season, but before the official start of track season.  Harrier Ellie Pleune used her time between seasons to train for the elite Gasparilla racing event, putting in mileage of up to 30 miles per week (Times, 2017).  Her efforts paid off, making her the youngest to win in the race’s 40 year history.  Pleune competed in two of the weekend’s four events, winning the overall female title in both the 5k and the 8k (Times, 2017).


Ellie Pleune (right) poses with runner-up and former Harrier teammate, Lydia Friedman (center) and 4th place runner Alexandra Perri (left) after the 5k.

The Hillsborough Harriers had 20 current members running in either the 5k or 8k during Gasparilla weekend and a multitude of former Harriers, parents, siblings and coaches.

5k Results from Saturday, February 25, 2017:

11-14 yrs (male):

  • Carson Caplinger 21:05, 11th
  • Ryan Campbell 21:22, 12th

15-19 yrs & 11-14(female):

  • Ellie Pleune 18:14, 1st
  • Jacquelyn Abanses, 19:44, 6th
  • Tabitha Suggs 24:29, 8th

10&under (male):

  • Zach Glover 21:17, 3rd
  • Brennan Fargher 21:20, 4th
  • Brock Glover 21:53, 8th
  • Cooper Chesser 22:51, 10th
  • Joaquin Abanses 23:03, 12th
  • Liam Maloney 25:05, 19th
  • Colin Maloney 27:07, 23rd

10&under (female):

  • Meaghan Ballard 24:21, 2nd

8k Results from Sunday, February 26, 2017:

11-14 yrs (male):

  • Zach Harrigan 31:23, 2nd
  • Will Connery 33:53, 3rd
  • Wyatt Bedke 35:32, 6th
  • Carson Caplinger 35:56, 7th


  • Ellie Pleune 31:13, 1st
  • Anna Breede 42:33, 4th

10&under (male):

  • Oscar Brown 33:27, 1st
  • Kameron Bass 39:44, 4th

10&under (female):

  • Madelyn Pleune 44:11, 2nd


The start of the 8k race, which had over 5,400 participants.


Oscar Brown and Zach Harrigan pose at the start of the 8k. Oscar (9) won the 10 & under title with the fastest time for that age category since the distance was added.

It runs in the family:  Anna Breede poses with her dad after the 8k.  Carson Caplinger poses with his dad, Harriers Coach Brian, after the 8k.

FLYRA State Championship


The Hillsborough Harriers made a strong impact at the Elementary races on Friday and the Middle School races on Saturday at Holloway Park in Lakeland for the FLYRA State Meet.


Boys MS 3k Championship

Girls MS 3k Championship

Boys Open 3k

Girls Open 3k

3rd-5th 2k

K-2nd 1k

Notable finishes in the Championship races included Ellie Pleune (11:19, 4th overall), Jacquelyn Abanses (11:22, 5th overall) and Zach Harrigan (10:14, PR, 4th overall).  The runners overcame some difficult course conditions including temperatures reaching into the 80’s and the addition of sand to the course trails.

“They put a lot of sand on the course,” observed Pleune.

“It was tough…they definitely added sand,” Harrigan remarked.


The Harriers were not eligible for a team award.

“At the State Meet, only school teams (that is, teams that are made up of runners who all attend the same school, regardless of whether or not the school officially sponsors the team) are eligible for the team title,” former Harriers Coach Don Bly explained.


Saturday marked the end of the 2016 cross country season,  although some Harriers will continue into post-season AAU cross country, with a qualifier race November 12th and National Championships in Tallahassee December 3rd.  Stay tuned.

Faster Times in Falling Temperatures


The Hillsborough Harriers Boys’ Team won 1st place at the 3rd Annual Nature Coast MS State XC Qualifier in Lecanto on Saturday.  With a tie of 32 points between the Harriers and Tavares Middle School, the championship was decided by the place of each team’s 6th runner.  Harrier Bryce Krueger beat Tavares’ 6th runner by 3 seconds to break the tie.  Zach Harrigan and Ethan Bhatt of the Harriers won first and second place with new PR’s of 10:27 and 10:30 in the 3k race, respectively.  Both boys agreed that the colder weather contributed to their success.

“I felt like I had more energy,” said Bhatt about going into the woods after the one mile mark.

When asked about his racing strategy, Harrigan replied, “I was sticking behind the leader (and then) I took off with 400 meters to go to the finish.”

Harriers Will Connery and Daniel Casey also secured top 10 finishes with new PR’s.

Boys’ Results



The girls’ team was second place overall, trailing by a mere 12 points and a team average time only seven seconds off the leaders.  Harriers Jacquelyn Abanses and Ellie Pleune were 2nd and 3rd place overall with new PR’s of 10:56 and 11:03.  Teammates Moriah Friedman and Lindie Mayer earned top 10 spots and new PR’s as well.

Girls’ Results

The Junior Harriers prevailed in the Elementary 2k race, with 6 boys and 4 girls earning top 10 spots.  Elementary Mixed 2k Results


This weekend, the Harriers will be racing in the FLYRA Middle School State Championship at Holloway Park in Lakeland to close out the season.  The Elementary 2k is on Friday, October 28th and the Middle School 3k is on Saturday, October 29th.

PR’s in the Pouring Rain


The Harriers welcomed wet weather on Saturday as they hosted the Bay Area Middle School Cross Country Championships at Carrollwood Village Millennium Park in Tampa.  After the cancellation of the Disney meet the week prior due to Hurricane Matthew, the runners were poised and ready to fight for the title of Best in the Bay Area.  Spectators lined the course in ponchos while shouting for the athletes from under their umbrellas.  Even though the runners had to contend with thick, wet grass and puddles, the rain boosted their energy with 23 Harriers earning new personal records.

“It felt good…it was cool and a nice temperature,” said girls’ race winner, Jacquelyn Abanses who completed the 3k in 11:08.

The girls’ team placed 2nd while competing against multiple teams from across six counties.


The boys’ team won first place to become the 2016 Bay Area Champs with Harrier Zach Harrigan (10:30, new PR) leading the pack.  A few of the boys mentioned the cold and wet weather contributing to their fast times.

“I PR’d 57 seconds!” said 6th grader Aaron Cherry excitedly.

“I beat my (3k) track PR!” added teammate Oscar Brown.

Results can be found here.


There are two more meets left this season with Nature Coast on October 22nd and the State Championship meet on October 29th.

Coach Brian Caplinger exclaimed, “We are right on target for a great peak at State!”

The Junior Harriers dominated the elementary K-3 one-mile race winning 5 spots in the top 10 including first place overall winner Brock Glover in 6:56!


Top Ten Times in Titusville


Harriers won 2nd and 3rd place overall (pictured with first place winner and Olympic silver medalist, Leo Manzano) at Florida’s largest xc meet, Invitational 17 in Titusville today.  The girls’ team won 3rd overall with an average 13:30 in the 2-mile event.


The boys’ team boasted two top 10 finishes and a 4th overall team effort with an average of 12:23 in the 2-mile.

dscn0227Results are here.

Next week, the Hillsborough Harriers will compete at Disney.