Florida Horse Park Winners


2 Team Awards: Boys Middle School Champion and Boys Elementary Runner-Up

Last year, hurricane delays prevented the Harriers from participating in the 2017 Florida Horse Park Invitational.  They came back this year to reclaim their first place spot acquired in 2016 and 2015.  The boys crushed the competition with a 44 point team finish, including 3 Top Ten finishers.

Boys Middle School 3k Results:
6 Brennan Fargher 11:36.78
7 Liam Ballard 11:45.08
8 Oscar Brown 11:46.68
11 Chase Thurber 12:03.96
15 Jack Garcy 12:18.05
16 Carson Caplinger 12:19.97
20 Karsyn Darst 12:24.61
22 Cooper Chesser 12:28.46
28 Kameron Bass 12:46.26
41 Maddux Hawkins 13:13.55
71 Eli Riordan 14:29.85
96 Liam Maloney 15:42.97
119 Elijah Landers 17:53.53

Girls Middle School 3k Results:
2 Eliana Black 12:00.09*
43 Alli Laffler 15:19.13
49 Ainsley Aeschleman 15:34.06
82 Meaghan Ballard 18:07.85
86 Fay Brooks 18:27.63
106 McKinley Cassels 21:49.48

Girls Team: 7th Overall

*Moved up in the Harriers Girls Top 25 List

Boys Elementary School 2k Results:
6 Colin Fargher 9:00.57
10 Colon Maloney 9:24.92
12 Paxton Hawkins 9:32.98
14 Brodie Christensen 9:35.63
21 Alec Brown 10:24.97
31 Nadav Egosi 11:33.75
34 Gabriel Santos 11:45.74

Girls Elementary School 2k Results:
3 Katelin Wilcox 9:01.18
10 Reyne Szabla 10:13.76



The Harriers’ next race will be the FLRunners.com Invitational on September 28, 2018 at Holloway Park in Lakeland.

Harriers Win Top Honors at 3rd Annual Florida Horse Park Invitational


Both the boys’ and girls’ teams won first place Saturday at the Florida Horse Park Invitational middle school 3k race in Ocala.  There were four boys in the Top 10 , including the 1st overall spot, with a team finish of 25 points, well under the 50 points acquired by the second place team.  Four Harriers earned Top 10 spots in the girls’ race as well, with a team total of 28 points, a substantial lead next to the 67 points obtained by the runners-up.

“As these results show, what a great race…even with climbing temperatures!” exclaimed Coach Brian Caplinger.

Boys’ results can be found here and girls’ results here.

The Junior Harriers wowed the crowd in the 2k elementary race, with medals for all.

The Hillsborough Harriers’ next appearance will be at the Holloway Park Jamboree in Lakeland on September 24.