Roster Is Full — Time To Order Uniforms!

We have filled up our roster for the 2015 XC season, and need to order this year’s uniform.  Below is the link to order — please remember that we need to have all orders in this weekend, and that you can see sample sizes at tonight’s practice and Saturday morning’s run:

  • Every runner MUST order the following three things:  (1) the uniform top, (2) a uniform bottom, and (3) the green camouflage T-shirt.
  • On the uniform bottom, one is for “girls” (spandex) and one is “boys” (typical wicking running shorts), but the girls may order the boys style if they prefer.
  • The other items on the website are totally optional (but cool!)
  • If you will not have a chance to see the sample sizes, please note that the bottoms run very small.  Most people are ordering a size larger in the shorts.
  • The window for ordering the uniform closes next Monday, July 27 — PLEASE get your order in ASAP!
  • Every runner is responsible for ordering their own uniform online.  Do not send me your order!
  • When you order the uniform, please select “At Store” for the delivery option.  Call or email me or Holly ASAP if you have questions.

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