This Week’s Practice Schedule (September 14 to September 20)

Here’s this week’s practice schedule.  No meet this weekend, so we will get a good week of training in during the week so that we’re ready for the next meet in 13 days.  I’m going to push our luck and leave practice at 6:45 this week, but we will need to start running each evening at 6:45 sharp — please text me if you’re going to be late!
And remember that the window for more Harriers merchandise is open until Wednesday:
  • MONDAY:  6:45 PM at Stonebrier — SPEED WORK
  • WEDNESDAY: 6:45 PM at Stonebrier — EASY RUN
  • THURSDAY: 6:45 PM at Stonebrier — TEMPO RUN
  • SATURDAY:  7:30 AM Upper Tampa Bay Trail (Ballyhoo’s)

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