This Week’s Practice Schedule (October 5 to October 11)

We have a slightly different week because of the Friday afternoon meet at Disney.  We will start Monday with a talk about our training plan for the month of October, and finish with a speed workout.  And then it’s some active recovery on Tuesday and Wednesday so that we are ready to run fast on Friday!
Hopefully everyone has had a chance to make a hotel reservation for Friday night if you’re interested in hanging out after the meet.  Email with meet info to follow — please call or email with any questions about the meet or the weekend…
  • MONDAY:  6:30 PM at Stonebrier — SPEED WORK
  • TUESDAY:  6:30 PM at Stonebrier — EASY MILEAGE
  • WEDNESDAY:  6:30 PM at Stonebrier — VERY EASY RUNNING
  • SATURDAY:  Group jog in Orlando if you’re interested

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