Red, White, Blue and Harrier Green

The Hillsborough Harriers participated in the Lutz Independence Day Run 5k Race on July 4th.  Out of 337 runners, the Harriers took home four age group awards.


Results: (Overall Place/Age Group Place/Name/Time)
21/1 Liam Ballard 19:43
40/2 Brennan Fargher 21:52
48/5 Carson Caplinger 22:52
54/2 Colin Fargher 23:15
103/7 Maddux Hawkins 26:37
116/4 Alec Brown 27:07
127/1 Meaghan Ballard 27:49
139/9 Oscar Brown 28:38
156/5 Anna Breede 29:35
164/7 Allison Laffler 30:10
260/14 Fay Brooks 38:00



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